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How Action Management Services Became a Leading Corporate Recruiter

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Dale C. Chorba established Action Management Services in 1979. As Director of Human Resources for Revco Drug Stores, now CVS, he was inspired to find a way to help businesses improve the personal and professional effectiveness of their human resources.

Dale used his expertise in planning and implementing training and development programs to design a systematic, disciplined methodology for identifying and recruiting talented professionals for corporations.

In 1985, as the business was beginning to grow, Anne Chorba was recruited by her husband to join the company. Anne’s warm personality and personal approach enabled her to develop relationships with many of the Fortune sized companies throughout Ohio. More importantly, Anne was able to connect, network and become a career resource for professional women at all the major accounting firms and organizations. Anne’s dedication and upbeat, can-do attitude were instrumental in the growth of this family business and a cornerstone of the firm’s philosophy, also helping to set them apart from many competing executive search consultants.

Always seeking ways to expand and grow their business as management recruiters, in 1989, Dale and Anne invited their eldest son, Dale M. Chorba, to join them in the family business. After graduating from Heidelberg College in 1985, Dale Jr. embarked on a successful career in medical sales where he developed an extensive network of healthcare executives. This network became the foundation for the launch of the Healthcare/Managed Care Practice for Action Management. Dale Jr. has a developed client base of hospitals, HMO’s/PPO’s, long-term care facilities, physician care practices, as well as Fortune 500 managed care insurance companies. His placement work covers mid-management to executive level searches including CEO, COO, and CFO’s. He now owns the business and is President & CEO.

Today, Action Management employs the talents of five VP Account Executives, three Senior Account Executives and two Corporate Recruiter/Researchers to assist in your company’s talent search and evaluation. Action Management has grown throughout the years but the dedication, systematic approach, honesty and can-do attitude have remained constants.

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