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Action Management Services has more than 40 years of experience serving Cleveland and northeast Ohio as an executive recruiter. As national recognition has grown, we have also had the privilege of serving individuals and companies across the United States and beyond. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, always emphasizing putting your needs first, and creating a tailor-made match between a company and a job candidate.

Here, you can learn more about our highly detailed search process, part of what separates us from the pack of other executive search firms in the area.

The Action Management Services team

Our Team

Dale M. Chorba


Dale M. Chorba

Ken Griffiths

Executive Vice President

Ken Griffiths

Sandy Darnell

Vice President

Sandy Darnell

Dave Fechter

Vice President

Dave Fechter

Lexi Winkelfoos

Account Executive

Lexi Winkelfoos

Justine Cortes-Anderson

Executive Recruiter

Justine Cortes-Anderson

Zach Filips

Executive Recruiter

Zach Filips

Tanner Houska

Executive Recruiter

Tanner Houska

Company History

How Action Management Services Became a Leading Corporate Recruiter

Action Management Services was established in 1979. The early focus was to design a systematic, disciplined methodology for identifying and recruiting talented professionals for corporations.

Current President and CEO, Dale M. Chorba, joined Action Management Services in 1989. After graduating from Heidelberg College in 1985, Dale embarked on a successful career in medical sales where he developed an extensive network of healthcare executives. This network became the foundation for the launch of the Healthcare/Managed Care Practice for Action Management. Dale has a developed client base of hospitals, HMO’s/PPO’s, long-term care facilities, physician care practices, as well as Fortune 500 managed care insurance companies. His placement work covers mid-management to executive level searches including CEO, COO, and CFO’s. In addition, Dale has led the company into expanding our business model to include multiple verticals, including manufacturing, real estate, sales and marketing, and sports franchise executive recruitment.

Today, Action Management employs the talents of four Vice Presidents, three Senior Account Executives, two Account Executives, and two Corporate Recruiter/Researchers to assist in your company’s talent search and evaluation. Action Management has grown throughout the years but the dedication, systematic approach, honesty and can-do attitude have remained constants.

For three years now, Action Management Services has been named to the prestigious Forbes list for Best Executive Search Firms and Best Professional Recruiting Firms.

Get in touch with our team today by calling 216.642.8777 and we'll be happy to provide you with more information on how we can help as your executive level management recruiters, enabling your business to grow, succeed, and move ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use Action Management Services?

Our recruitment agency has been a part of the executive search industry for over forty years and has built our reputation on delivering results, by being professional, honest, and to the point.

What type of people do you recruit?

Action Management Services specializes serving as a recruiter for first line, middle and senior management positions.

Does Action Management Services specialize in any specific areas?

Management Services specializes in the areas of Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing & Distribution and Professional Sports.

How long has Action Management Services been in business?

Action Management Services has been placing and recruiting top talent since 1979.

How does Action Management find the right candidate for a position?

First, we strive to understand your company, culture and the challenges that are unique to your industry. Then, through our extensive network of contacts, we communicate with and uncover potential candidates who have the experience and expertise to satisfy your organization’s need. Finally, we focus on the top tier of uncovered candidates who will welcome the challenges and are motivated to help propel your company forward.

How does Action Management fill positions outside of Ohio?

Throughout our forty plus years of doing business, we have developed an extensive network of contacts nationwide. We are experts at utilizing our network, and along with our relentless search and research, are able to identify qualified candidates for our clients from Los Angeles to Boston.

How many full time recruiters does Action Management Services employ?

Currently our recruitment agency employs 10 full time well accomplished recruiters and two research analysts.

How long will it take to complete the search?

Each search assignment is different, depending on location, level of position, and pool of candidates. If we are provided with a detailed job description and comprehensive overview of your company, a normal search can be successfully completed with the candidate starting employment in 60 – 120 days.

What is the guarantee period?

We will guarantee the candidate for sixty days from the date of hire. Please request our fee schedule for details.

Why is there a retainer?

If your immediate needs fall into one of the following categories: confidentiality, complexity, credibility, level of the position, geographical location, or if the position is a priority, you should retain our services as a recruitment agency. Your retainer allows us to commit our resources to fully research and understand the intricacies and challenges facing your industry. By retaining Action Management as your recruiter, you can be assured that your search will be handled confidentially. Most importantly, retained searches are our priority searches.

What are your fees?

Depending on the level of search, Action Management Services charges 25-30% of the first year's total compensation of the hired candidate. An estimated one third of the fee is due up front in the form of a retainer. The estimated gross compensation shall include a reasonable estimate of earned commissions, bonuses, incentives and other emoluments in lieu of, or in addition to the salary to be earned by the candidate during the first twelve months of employment.

Is it acceptable to send thank you letters via email?

Yes. With the technology available today, we have found it to be a quicker and more effective method of communicating with clients.

Will you coordinate the interview process?

Yes. The client will give us their availability and we will work with your schedule to ensure interviews are scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Can you provide me with job descriptions before sending my resume?

In most cases we can provide you with the job specs, however, due to client confidentiality, sometimes that request cannot be met. When appropriate, job descriptions will be reviewed with the candidate for their approval prior to submission of the resume to the client.

Is my search kept confidential?

Yes. The resume is only presented to companies that are reviewed with you. All our clients operate with a high degree of confidentiality with respect to resumes presented.

Do you only handle clients in the Cleveland market?

No. Greater Cleveland is our home market, however, we have clients across the country and in a variety of cities including, but not limited, to: Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Chicago.

Is there any cost to me for your service?

No. The client company assumes our fees.

Do I know where you are sending my resume?

Yes. A candidate's resume is not presented to a client company without approval. It is our practice to review job descriptions, compensation levels and the company information with a candidate before submitting their resume to the client.

What types of companies are you working with?

Action Management Services works with clients in many industries including Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing & Distribution and Professional Sports.

How often should I follow-up with you during my search?

You should follow-up with us immediately after any interview we arrange in order to discuss your impressions of the opportunity while they are freshest in your mind. If you are not an active candidate for a search in progress, it is appropriate to maintain contact with us every couple of weeks.

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