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About Executive Recruiter Action Management Services

Action Management Services has more than 35 years of experience serving Cleveland and northeast Ohio as an executive recruiter. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, always emphasizing putting your needs first, and creating a tailor-made match between a company and a job candidate.

Here, you can learn more about our highly detailed search process, part of what separates us from the pack of other executive search firms in the area.

Our Executive Search Process

Phase I: Produce a targeted strategy and clearly defined recruiting roadmap.

  • Assemble the search team to gather information on your company, competitors and overall market conditions.
  • Conduct a meeting with the client to understand their organization and the expectations for the position.
  • Assess the challenges for the search, agree on a successful search strategy and develop a position profile.
  • Assemble AMS VP’s together who have conducted similar searches or have direct industry experience, allowing us to leverage our contacts and networks.
  • Produce an early list of “hot candidates.”

Phase II: Narrow the search to six to eight great candidates that meet the specified requirements.

  • Contact the candidates listed on research and assess their level of qualification.
  • Identify every individual currently performing this position and every candidate who could be promoted into this role within each source company.
  • Provide a final candidate slate of 6-8 top candidates.
  • Conduct all initial interviewing with prospective candidates.
  • Report a comprehensive candidate summary along with recommended action steps.

Phase III: Select a final candidate.

  • Schedule interviews and coordinate logistics including travel and hotel arrangements.
  • Provide feedback to the client and the candidate concerning post-interview thoughts and impressions.
  • Continue to recruit and have a list of “back-up” candidates.

Phase IV: The best talent in your industry joins your team.

  • Obtain the list of references from candidate.
  • Pursue non-supplied references.
  • Check references and provide the client with a report.
  • Provide the client with market compensation data.
  • Ask candidate for open issues and total compensation requirements.
  • Assist with the offer negotiation.
  • Monitor the resignation process and develop a transition strategy.

Don't settle for other executive recruiters. This is the type of detail and commitment that you should expect when working with executive search firms, and it's only the start of what we provide to our clients.

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